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… you all know, I love to wear suits in all different kind of ways. And one of the most stunning solution when it comes to this field in men’s fashion is the tuxedo – at least in my opinion. And I’m sure, I’m not standing alone here. Well, I’m aware of the fact, that the so-called “White Tie” is the most formal dress code. It consists of a black dress coat, a white vest and a white bow tie.

However, a well-fitting tuxedo may be the outfit every man has to have in the wardrobe. It’s kind of a traditional thing and showing respect to the occasions you’re wearing it at. Next to that, it makes every man feel really charming and sharp and like a real gentleman.

In my case, last night was the time for the Opera Ball in Zurich, one of the most prestigious and popular events in Switzerland. And well, I don’t think that you should show up to these gala nights with anything else than a tuxedo. But now, the question is, how to get it right and there are many different articles which are trying to make this topic understandable for every man. I’m just focusing on the most important points I see and if you try to consider them you’ll be perfectly fine.

First of all, I wouldn’t rent the outfit. It won’t fit you perfectly in all areas, that’s not possible.

The Tuxedo Jacket

As you may guess, it is the most important part of the whole outfit. The name was not chosen by accident. It is a tailless dinner jacket in black or blue worsted wool, with lapels in black silk. There are single-breasted (one button) as well as double-breasted jackets, however the first one is more common.

Let’s have a look at the other features:

Peaked lapels are meant to be the most formal. But you can also choose a shawl collar, where the lapels are joined to the collar, which gives the look of an unbroken loop around the shoulder. The lapels should be emphasized that’s why satin silk is usually used. But there is also the opportunity to choose a ribbed texture. The important thing here is to see that a satin option needs a more shiny bow tie as well. The buttons should match and can be either in plain black or the same as the lapels.

The next thing is: What is the ideal fit? The ideal solution is a close one but which won’t wrinkle and won’t limit you in your movements.

The trousers

Let’s cut it short here. Black tie trousers need to be a perfect match to the tuxedo jacket. Which means that the material is the same. The cut is high-waist so that this part is covered. This kind of trousers is simply minimalistic.

The waist covering

You’ve got the options to choose between a formal waistcoat or a cummerbund. The formal waistcoat is more the formal and traditional option. The cummerbund is just wrapped around the waist and is made of the same silk as the lapels.

The evening shirt

It’s all about white here. However, there are some features that differ from each other and can be chosen individually. Just get some advice here if you get this important shirt.

The Bow Tie

Well, my favorite piece in this whole outfit. Sure, it needs to be black and again, it needs to match the jacket lapels. There are also different styles where you can choose from: Butterfly, Semi-Butterfly, Straight-End and Pointed. You’re gonna see the differences once you’re looking for the perfect bow tie. 

The Shoes

Here you’ve got to choose between formal pumps and black balmoral oxford dress shoes. Any black shoes with a high gloss may be right here. No sneakers here.

Sure, there are some additional features as e.g. suspenders (should not be visible) and pocket square. Just go out and find some inspiration for the right solution for yourself. I know, it may all sound too much and really complicated if you want to get it the “perfect” way. There’s a lot of potential to miss some details or mix things the wrong way. If you want to be courageous and break the rules at certain points – do it. But don’t risk too much and lead your experiment into an embarrassing direction.

Suit up, feel good and enjoy a beautiful night out.

Outfit: JUCAN tailor-made

Take care & write you soon…



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