How to spend a Sunday…

Loungewear: CALIDA

I love Sunday’s. And I even love it more, when I am off and have no work to do. Well, no work doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything at all. I still need to do some paper work, picture selection or writing on new blogposts. There is almost no day without doing anything.

But I also take consciously time for myself. Time which really has nothing to do with my job or future projects. So did I this past Sunday. I slept in until noon and got up slowly and took a healthy breakfast. By the way, I always need my time in the mornings. Even when I need to get up early for work, I always plan enough time to sit down, drink my coffee and enjoy my breakfast. This is some kind of ritual for me in the mornings to start the day right.

Sunday’s are often that kind of days where you want to stay in bed all day long, relax and watch TV. But the sun was shining bright, so I decided to hop on my sunny terrace and enjoy the beautiful weather while reading a book. To be honest, I don’t often read books since I just don’t have the time to do so. Therefore it feels even better to have a Sunday afternoon to completely indulge into a good book.

After relaxing all day long, I was in need of doing any activity and I decided to go for a run at the lake. And I just felt how I missed the outdoor running sessions during the warmer months. To end the day, I enjoyed a delicious dinner with friends and good conversations. A perfectly spent Sunday, I would say.

Loungewear: CALIDA

Take care & write you soon…



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