Hot summer and elegant clothing…

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…doesn’t have to be a contradiction – not at all. Of course if we talk about elegant clothing in men’s wardrobe it means long sleeved shirts, suits and tie or bow-tie. Quite heavy for a hot summer day with blazing sun and temperature rising above 35 degrees Celsius.

But elegant clothing not only means that or let’s say the other way around: not being dressed in the above mentioned clothing pieces doesn’t mean you’re automatically casual or too casual dressed. Well, I guess for business purpose such as working for a bank, insurance company or wherever it is mandatory to wear a suit, this strict and heavy dress code applies and is especially during summer a torture. And believe me, I speak from experience since I used to work for a bank for 10 years. And I was almost dying in summer having meetings with my clients in the bank office rooms without air conditioning. 

So I can feel with all the bankers, lawyers and many more who have official dress codes for business. Besides that, if you have the chance for a more relaxed dress code or the opportunity to dress more casual, there are still ways to do it in an elegant way. And of course, also shorts can be elegant. Just don’t go for the denim shorts and ripped ones, but rather use some chino shorts or some kind of dress pants in a short version. And yes, there are even short sleeved suits available in the fashion industry.

Then all you have to do is to combine it with a stylish short sleeved shirt and some neat sneakers. Add a matching pair of sunglasses and you are pretty well dressed for any summer occasion with a more elegant approach. 

Outift: Zalando Classy

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se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht


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