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…are you adventurous enough? Well, that’s a good question, but I’d say yes. I definitely love the nature and I always get impressed how wonderful and unbelievably stunning it can be. So experienced last week when we came up with the idea to shoot at this hidden spot, which was not known some years ago. 

Nowadays, there are so many people everywhere. Sometimes you don’t even have the time to enjoy the beautiful nature, because it’s too crowded and loud by the people around you. However, we decided to go quite early to that place, which is in Neftenbach, only 25 minutes by car from Zurich downtown, to avoid too many people. 

Because to me nature shows its very special beauty only in the moments you inhale, relax and consciously watch the scenery. Just being surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes listening to the sound of nature. Listening how the water finds its way through the river bed, how the birds tweet and the leaves wave in the wind. It’s a wonderful feeling to be disconnected from the hectic world for a moment. Enjoy it!

And when being in nature, for example in a gulch or if you go hiking, always make sure to wear appropriate clothes. And I don’t only speak about the functional clothes. Of course, you can’t go there in your sandals or flipflops but you can be in style anyways. The most important things are the shoes, I guess. Because if you’re going on a long tour, you’d better wear some stable and robust shoes, like boots. Yes, even in summer, because you won’t get injured. But wearing boots in summer doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable. 

If you have a look at the pictures, I styled a pretty cool and suitable outfit for a day in the mountains, at the lake or wherever you find some peaceful nature. And then combine it with some short pants like I did with the grey jeans short and put a plaid short-sleeve dress shirt on and you’re the prefect nature boy, ready to meet every nature adventure ahead. 

Take care & write you soon…



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