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The sky only knows one color these days: grey. And it got freaking cold here in Switzerland. As you probably know, I am not a person who is cold that fast, but even for me, it’s too cold at the moment – ways too cold. It feels like minus degrees celsius although it’s a little above.

However, do we want to talk about the weather? Nah, boring. Do we want to complain about it? No, that’s even worse. I tried to make the best out of it and put together a cool look for the colder days. And the funny fact is, that I got inspired by a city and country where it is warmer than in Switzerland.

When I was in Madrid two weeks ago, I went for a quick shopping trip in the Spanish capital. And you must know, I love the way the Spanish people style themselves. Anyways, when entering that store I saw this grey coat on the rack and fell immediately in love with it. Some days ago, I was saying to myself: “Hey Steven, you do need a new fancy coat for the winter season” And there we go. It’s my new favorite piece now, since it has a cool kind of oversize cut but still gives a good shape.  And the color, despite being like the weather, is just an amazing one for this season and you can combine it easily with lots of different colors, as I did with this also new turtleneck jumper, which is in a beautiful royal blue.

To round the overall look up, I just add my new white Stan Smith by Adidas Originals which also have a color highlight on the back side in the same blue color as the jumper.

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