Hey Gardener – I’m in love with the nature…

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It’s one of those days – you are sleepy and hanging around in your bed. The sunrays tickle you and put a smile on your face. You can get up highly motivated and in a good mood. Because it is promised to get a really beautiful summer day.

Well, not in these days. The summer in Zurich shows its rainy side once again. But I, no stop – the weathermen predict a lot of sun for the weekend. Therefore I am looking forward to spending the weekend outside in the nature. Is there anything more beautiful than just lying down on a juicy green lawn, gazing at the clear blue sky and watching the birds passing by? Listening to relaxing music with it and letting your thoughts flow. In such moments I often think about my life and ask myself some questions. What did I achieve so far? What didn’t work out? What are my next plans and aims. Yes I even start to dream. How would it be to walk on the red carpet on the Oscars Night and being a celebrated Hollywood star. Well, this is only one of my dreams when it comes to my career.

But back to the nature. What I appreciate the most in Switzerland’s nature is the diversity. It consists from imposing mountains, clear lakes and juicy green forests up to amazing lawns with colorful flowers. It offers everything on a small place and even next to each other. This is very impressive to me and I enjoy this variety even more on a sunny day. Or just sitting in the backyard, between splendid trees and flowers, and floating away with your thoughts. And who knows, maybe I am a passionate gardener in my next dream – or just rather the gardener in “Desperate Housewives”. Because even though I am in love with the nature, I definitely do not have green fingers…

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