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... the posture shirts 2.0. We all now that there are different perspectives when we're talking about how to position ourselves. In this blogpost, it's not about our attitude and opinion but especially about our body and its posture. And the key problem is clearly this one: We don’t move ourselves enough. We sit hours and hours in the office and we don’t find the time (and motivation) to get the balance of our bodies. And this may result in neck and back pain.

Sports and movement are always important to get your body in balance. As an additional support for a healthy body posture, there is the new supporting clothing of Anodyne. With their products and its stitched neuro tapes, the subjacent and understimulated muscles get activated and strengthened. It is an active correction of our body position with the help of the muscles. While you're wearing these products, the muscles need to work. That’s why it can lead to muscle soreness first. However, you need to rate this as a positive thing because it is kind of an evidence, that the shirts are stimulating the muscles.

In the Anodyne shop you can choose between different t-shirts, bras as well as additional products. The posture shirts are available with and without the zipper. It can simplify how to get on and get off the t-shirt. Sure, the clothing cannot replace sports nor movement, but it is a good supplement in your daily routine. I'd really test it. Anodyne allows you 14 days for the testing with free shipping. So there's nothing to lose. Use the code steven10 to get 10% discount on the products.

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se signaturestyle - the blog by Steven Epprecht


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