Happy Thanksgiving...

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…to all my friends and followers in the US. It has been said, that this day is simply one of the most important ones of the year – even more important than Christmas itself. The day is about family, spending time together even if they’re spreaded all over the big country, being part of the numerous parades, watching American Football – and eating a lot. You may all know it from your own experience or many films: Turkey, potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pies and different kind of vegetables.

So, it’s quite similar to Christmas Eve in Switzerland. It’s incredible when we think about, how Thanksgiving developed. Some people say that it started even before the US as a country existed – back in 1621. After having a too tough winter in 1620, they were able to reap enough to survive one year later, for what they were thankful for.

I don’t want to bore you too much with history, but in my opinion, it’s always really important to have at least some clue about certain things. Knowing some of the possible historical events will help to understand the things we celebrate.

And well, the day after – also well-known here in Switzerland – our famous Black Friday. The shopping day and one of the most high-selling days during the year. The question now is: What to buy? Already some Christmas presents for the family or still a new cool outfit for yourself? If you decided for the second option, here is an inspiration for another stylish winter look, which will match for any occasion.

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