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…with no blues. Easier said than done, I know. And I don’t want to preach a sermon here once again about how important it is to love what you do and then you won’t have a problem with Monday at all.

Of course, I am aware that not everyone is in the lucky position to be able to do what he or she loves. But if you’re in that precious situation, where you could change something, where you could follow your dreams and deepest wishes, then there are no excuse for not doing so. And otherwise, don’t complain about Monday or your job or whatever work you do which you don’t like.

In any case, there are some little advices from my side what might make your Monday more bearable. And the first thing is to go to bed early enough so you get your 8 hours of relaxing sleep to start full of energy into the new week. I know, this is quite a hard part since you don’t want to go to bed early because otherwise Monday is coming even earlier. But believe me, it’s totally worth it to have a fresh start into the new week.

And it supports also the second point to consider. Try to have a positive mindset already right after waking up and appreciate all the things you have in life. If it’s your partner, your family, friends, pets, a good job, an interesting hobby or exciting book to read. And set yourself a little week goal, something you are looking forward to doing so. And as soon as you will get into a Monday blues, try to think of these positive things with a pleasant anticipation.

The third and also very important point to me is to have a good and powerful breakfast. Take your time to sit down for a cup of coffee, to eat your bread, cereals, smoothie bowl or whatever you like best and read the newspaper or check your e-mails, news or so on.

And finally you should always have in mind that it is only you who is responsible for your happiness and satisfaction, not another person nor another place nor a weekday. Therefore happy Monday!

Take care & write you soon…



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