Greifensee – when the beauty lies so close…

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…like right in front of your door. In times like these we might not be able to travel a lot, at least not yet, but it will come the sooner than expected though. However, we don’t always even need to travel long distances to find something good. 

In my case, it’s just a stone throw away from where I live. It’s basically like open the door and just walk out into beautiful nature and the stunning little lake called “Greifensee”. It’s around 20 minutes away from Zurich and not as big as the lake of Zurich but also not as many people as there is around the lake in Zurich during summer. 

So it’s the perfect place to disconnect and enjoy some beautiful hours in the nature. Whether it’s for a delicious picnic, a relaxing walk, a fast run or a nice tour around the lake with a bike or inline-skates. The possibilities are numerous and on a hot summer day you can even go swimming into the lake and dry off while sunbathing at one of the beautiful spots around. 

Sometimes, we forget about the beauty which lies just in front of us. We think the most fanciest travel destination is what we need to have a complete and real summer vacation feeling. But maybe it’s not, or is it?

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