Goodbye, summer jeans...

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…will you ever come back for another big return. Well okay, you may know the original song and the much better and more creative lyrics. But while thinking about the summer, which is definitely gone now here in Zurich, one of the saddest songs crossed my mind. And I cannot tell you the exact reason. I guess I was looking at the pictures, which we shot some weeks ago and at the same time thinking about the hours we’ve spent during the photo shoot on this lovely terrace full of sunshine – despite a shooting schedule. I definitely cannot complain about my job in this weather.

Then I was thinking about the upcoming cold weeks and a project I’m planning just for you guys (stay tuned on IG!) and the song just plopped out of my mouth. I’m sure you know the situation as well. Wherever you are – at home, in your car, under the shower, it doesn’t really matter – suddenly certain songs cross your mind and you cannot explain why. Lovely and often really funny moments I think.

There may be different triggers as a certain word, a memory, a melody that simply crosses your mind or you’re looking at a certain person and then… Well, you just can’t get the song out of your mind anymore. For my Swiss friends at this stage: «0-7-9» het si gseit… This Swiss song is a perfect example for that. A friend of you can start with the song (we had that situation at my birthday weekend lying at the pool) and then, everyone just can’t stop singing it – or trying to do so as you my have seen in my carpool karaoke versions. Or I better say: attempts. I hope you had fun watching the IG stories then. For me, it simply shows how music connects people, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a big singer or not.

My singing performances are done for the moment (lucky you J!), the short jeans are gone as well, but I’m ready for my Timberlands and the snow and soon we’re all gonna sing «Merry Christmas, everyone!». Until then, I’m doing my best not to show you too many dull and grey pictures, that’s why we’ve planned some photo shoots in nice locations already.

Take care & write you soon...



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