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…you just have to discover it. Don’t we all dream about relaxing vacation, far away at a sunny place, somewhere at the beach? The farther the better? To tell our friends and impress them where in the world we’ve already been? But so often we don’t even know our own country and the beautiful places it offers. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling the world, to discover new cultures and places I’ve never been. It’s good to broaden our horizon and get new experiences. However, I love to travel my country as much as I love being abroad. So happened last weekend, when I got the chance to visit a beautiful village called Bad Ragaz and could stay in the wonderful five star hotel Grand Resort Bad Ragaz,ranked the third best hotel in Switzerland and from now on one of my favorite hotels. And it showed me, that you don’t need to travel the world to have a relaxing getaway, because the good is so close (like 1 hour car drive from Zurich).

And although it’s very close to my home, it felt like really been away from my hectic life, disconnected and in an own little world. It started already with arriving at the hotel, where I got welcomed and treated like a king. The service the hotel offered and the friendliness of the staff were on another level, I rarely experienced before. I don’t exaggerate but I was really overwhelmed from the beginning and felt very comfortable, so I already knew when entering the lobby, that I don’t want to leave that fast. It’s hard to describe, but there are hotels or resorts you have this special feeling, where just everything is perfect and even better than imagined. Do you know this feeling, too? 

Anyways, what I can say is that the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is the hotspot for well-being and culinary delights. Where you have everything combined to have the perfect relaxing getaway. To recharge your batteries and get new energy for your daily life. The resort is an own little oasis and offers everything you can think of. The highlights of course are the stylish and comfy rooms and suites, the big spa and sport facilities and not to forget the delicious food. 

The resort has 7 different restaurants of which two are award-winning restaurants. I had the honor to eat in both of them and it was just unbelievably delicious. In the IGNIV (1 michelin star, 17 Gault Millau points) by star chef Andreas Caminada I had an unforgettable dinner experience I’ve never had before and enjoyed dishes of the molecular cuisine. 

I know, I may sound a bit exaggerating but honestly, my time there was just perfect and as much as I want to think of any negative point, I can’t come up with one. And believe me, I am very critical when it comes to hotels and their service and food offered.

However, get yourself an image of it, either by visiting the hotel or seeing through the pictures we shot while being there and the travel video below we just made for you about our stay. 

Location: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

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