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Nightwear: CALIDA

Right at the moment, you can see many quotes and New Year’s resolutions wherever you may look at. People are talking about their personal resolutions – even about the same or similar ones every year. But why?

We all know sentences like: I should exercise more, I should drink less alcohol, I should be more motivated, I should quit smoking, I should focus on a better work/life balance, I should do this and that. But the point is, these sentences do not address our own expectations. Usually. We think we need to change something in order to fulfill others expectations towards us. In addition, resolutions are mostly about changing the way we live. This is rather difficult from one day to the other and needs a great portion of motivation and belief. And so we hear and say the word “should”. I do never hear “I want”, because if you really want to do or change something – what do you do? Right, you’ll just do it. And don’t talk about it in advance. If you want to quit smoking, well you just do it, because you’re determined to do so. You want it from your own and for yourself.

All these resolutions are a question of discipline and prioritization and that’s exactly the difficulty. It puts a lot of pressure on us when the first day of the New Year has arrived. We definitely need to set our goals and milestones on a regular basis and try to reach them anytime – not as an optimistic idea for the New Year only. Because you know what happens if you don’t feel like hitting the gym on January 2nd or you’re invited on January 5th and feel like drinking a beer or two or three. You feel sorry for ignoring your resolution at the first (!) temptation and you try to do harder. And then your friends’ birthday is here. Well, you know how it goes. We can see already that the resolutions themselves are useless, because the stated goals were neither a conviction nor a really important thing.

So, whatever your optimistic resolutions are: Better reflect your life and think about clear outcomes you want to have at the end of this year. And then go for it step-by-step, just do it. You can talk about it later, if you like to. And don’t worry if you make mistakes along the way, we’re learning from them.

Nightwear: CALIDA Limited Edition
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