A gentleman is defined...

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…by his appearance and therefore to the way he dresses himself. But is this true? Is being a gentleman only a matter of what kind of clothes you are wearing? It’s clearly not, at least in my opinion. 

Being a gentleman is a mindset, is something you either have or you don’t. Probably, it’s given by the way you got raised by your parents. The values they gave you to take with on your journey called life. It’s how you interact with people and how you treat them. It’s more about emotional intelligence than about the look. A gentleman is rather decent and doesn’t put himself into the focus but the person he’s carrying about. I think, like in so many parts of life, it’s always about a good balance between giving and taking. If you do something good or help people in need, it will come back to you whenever you’re in need or would love to have some assistance. That’s the mindset a gentleman should have, at least what I think. 

And of course, it’s also about fashion. When we’re talking about gentleman’s fashion we probably all have the same pictures in mind. A nice guy well dressed, wearing a classy suit and a tie or bowtie. But if the intrinsic values aren’t good, no suit, even if it’s as expensive as possible, will help to make him a real gentleman. 

However, when we’re talking about gentleman’s fashion, it doesn’t always have to be a well fitted suit, like I have two examples in the pictures. Of course, it looks very nice and formal and you’re perfectly dressed for any wedding, gala night, the opera or any other special occasion. But you can also be a gentleman just wearing jeans or chinos and a simple shirt or even t-shirt. 

As I said, it’s not about the look, it’s about your inner belief, emotional intelligence and your social competences. 

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