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…the trendy polo shirt which is never out of fashion. And let’s be honest we all love to indulge in memories and refer back to the good old times. And that’s totally ok, at least sometimes. However, only if we don’t forget to live in the here and now and put the focus to the future.

And when it comes to fashion it’s not that wrong at all, either. Because we all know that fashion is always repeating, some trends will come back years after again. Maybe just in another form, shape or style. But you can be sure, what’s maybe out of fashion right now could be the next trend of tomorrow. And that’s the exciting thing about fashion. You never know what’s next and there’s so much freedom for creativity and expression. 

There are also some fashion pieces which never get out of fashion because they’re so classy and stylish that can be worn in any decade or situation. One of these icons is the polo shirt. But why? Why does the polo shirt never gets boring and can be worn on so many different occasions and in so many different ways? Just because it’s classy and stylish at the same time. It’s so versatile. You can go very formal with a blazer and chinos or suit pants, a bit less formal and more business casual if you replace the chinos with blue jeans or even more casual if you go rid of the blazer and you just wear the polo shirt and the jeans. 

Last but not least, the polo shirt is a very sporty fashion item too. It can be seen in so many different sports like tennis, polo or golf as the perfect clothing piece with a functional and stylish aspect. 

What occasion are you wearing the polo shirt for?

Outfit: GANT

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se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht


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