Frozen – impressive mother nature…

Outfit: Branko B, Zurich

You don’t know how much I love adventures and seeing new and unseen spots out there. It just makes me feel great; getting inspired, learning a lot of new things every time and it keeps me young. Sure, I’m still young, but you know what I’m talking about.

And all of these aspects are the reason why I’m always open to new ideas for photo shoots. Certain ideas don’t fit as it is with everything in life, but I’m always going to take a look at all of the different inquiries I get. The point is that usually the most “WOW” results come from hard work and well thought ideas, sometimes also just out of simple ones. But even if the ways to get there may be a bit, let’s say rocky, it is totally worth it. Not only when you see the results but when you’re working towards them as well.

Speaking of rocky – the way up to this magical location was the definition of it, and in addition really steep. We’ve had a lot of different outfits, some food and even a blanket with us, which needed a lot of energy to get up the mountain with all these baggage. And you know what? Beside a really tough hike it was extremely funny. Have you ever seen guys with a big suitcase and additional bags walking up a steep mountain? I haven’t. People were staring at us as if we’re some crazy people. But only one woman was actually asking us what we’re doing here and I just answered that we’ve been looking for the airport. I always try to take the things with some humor because the opposite doesn’t help… at all.

Some more shared looks later and after three miles we’ve finally arrived at the place we’ve planned to do our next blog photo shoot. And believe me, the moment you’re beginning to notice this spectacular piece of nature, this scenery, all of the energy was right back. The whole area reminded me of a mixture between the film ‘Frozen’ and ‘The Revenant’. It was really mind-blowing. Thanks to the good timing we haven’t arrived at a time when too many people had the same idea as well. This place has been the first frozen lake this season where you could do some ice-skating – it has not happened for the last ten years there.

The most impressive thing was to walk on this really rather black ice and seeing some parts of what’s underneath the ice. In general, it was really peaceful out there, some people were hiking, some courageous ones even skated on the ice (on one’s own risk!). I was wondering how this area would look in deep winter, as there was not a lot of snow, or during the warmest summer days. Every season of the year may have its own eye catcher and that’s the impressive thing about the whole nature.

Outfits: All styles are available at Branko B, Im Viadukt 23, 8005 Zürich

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