A fresh summer suit is…

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…always good. Or at least a good option when a formal dress code is required. Of course in summer my credo is: the less clothes the better. Because when the temperatures are above 30 degrees Celsius you don’t want to wear long sleeves, different layers and buttoned up shirts. 

However, sometimes even in summer it requires a more formal clothing, whether it’s for business, a wedding or a classy summer event. So you can’t show up in short pants and a t-shirt, even though you would have preferred that. Then it’s the time to have something ready in your wardrobe for that kind of occasions. And nothing goes over a nice summer suit. 

And my favorite material for a suit like this, of course, linen. Linen is perfect for hot summer days, because it’s light and comfortable to wear. And of course, also a suit in linen can look very nice. Especially in the typical color beige. And choosing a bright color over a dark one for your outfit is recommendable. Because dark colors attract the sunlight and make you feel hotter. With bright and light colors you can avoid that. And it looks so much fresher on top of that. 

So go for a beige linen suit, combine it with a white shirt and some colored details like I did with the turquoise tie and pin. Then don’t forget about the shoes unless it’s a beach wedding, then you can go barefoot. On any other occasion make sure to choose some matching shoes. A nice brown loafer is always a good option in combination with beige. And then just don’t forget about the belt and make sure it’s in the same color as the shoes. And when I am saying in the same, I really mean the exact same color. 

Outfit: Zalando

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