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…and oh damn we can’t enjoy it to the fullest. The reasons are clear for everyone: Due to the Coronavirus we are meant to stay home. In some country it’s mandatory in others, like in Switzerland, it’s recommended. One of the many measures in trying to contain the spread of this infectous virus. It’s a harsh intervention in our lives and freedom, but a necessary one. 

The measures by the goverment seem to be bearing fruit. The spread of the virus and the infection rate could have been contained a little which is a positive sign but still it’s not over yet. Means, we’re trying to get back to a normal life with small steps, very small – to avoid a second and even bigger wave. 

Hopefully this will be successful and we are able to enjoy the beautiful weather with less concerns and thoughts. In Switzerland, as I already mentioned it was always allowed to leave the house to breathe in some fresh air or to go for a walk in nature (all alone or with the persons living in the same house hold) by following the hygiene measures, of course. And this is still important. Just because the restrictions will be less strict and step by step shops and maybe even restaurants will open again, we still need to keep distance and follow the instructions. 

The worst thing that could happen is if we underestimate it and think it’s all over just because we stayed at home for a month or more. Sorry if I disappoint you here, but it’s not like that. We have to live wiht this virus until we have medication or vaccination against it. 

But now enough talked about this virus. What is even more important in this situation right now, is to stay positive. Realistic but positive. Don’t let this situation bring you down, appreciate what you have and try to remember that the simple things are often the most beautiful ones. It’s not the fanciest vacation or the best party that make you feel happy, it’s maybe just knowing that you are surrounded by lovely people (even if it’s online and through social media at the moment). Already thinking of this people and knowing that they care for you is already worth a lot, don’t you think?

And by simple things, I also mean just appreciate that the good is often so close. Yes, we might not be able to travel to the most beautiful beach destination for our summer vacation, but we can discover our country and the beautiful nature and things it offers. For me, being in nature all by myself means having some time to reflect and recharge and it often opens up my eyes to the real beauty – the simple things. 

I wish that you can at least enjoy some fresh and flowery spring air whether by going to nature yourself or smelling it from your window or balcony. 

Take care, stay safe & write you soon…



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