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…art & architecture. When I told my friends I am going to Florence the first time, everyone was saying: Oh, this is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been. Therefore, the expectations were quite high when we travelled to that Italian city for unfortunately only a short amount of time. Mainly, to attend the men’s fashion fair Pitti Uomo 94 (I’ve talked about it in one of my last blog posts) where we were invited to and to combine it with some sightseeing and photo shootings.

But back to Florence and my expectations towards it and how I experienced the city. To be honest and knowing that I won’t make friends with what I am saying right now, the city doesn’t belong to one of my favorite ones. I mean, of course, Florence is beautiful with its lovely squares, stunning architecture, impressive art and typical Italian cafés and restaurants. However, I didn’t get the vibe somehow, nor it didn’t make me speechless.

And I can’t explain exactly why. Well, maybe one fact I need to mention is, that almost at every second corner there was a construction area, even at the most famous places and even the sculptures of Michaelangelo were covered by barriers and machines. That might be one reason, that I didn’t feel all the charm of the city. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I didn’t enjoyed the city and the stay, not at all. It was wonderful to stroll around in the narrow alleys and to experience and feel the history of the city.

Because Florence with its architecture has an important impact on the Renaissance and moreover it was the cultural and economic capital back in the 15th century. And of course, I want to go back one time to hopefully spend more time in the city and to improve my first impression.

And to give you an impression what I’ve experienced there, check the travel video I shot for you below.

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