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Who said, that paradise can only be where there is beach, sea and palms? I mean, you all know that I love summer over winter because there is just much more to do but I have to admit, I found my winter paradise. And it’s hidden in Flims, a little village up in the Swiss mountains and not even that high with 1’081m above sea level but very beautiful, especially its stunning nature and surroundings.

Well, when I said it’s hidden it’s probably not the right wording since one of the main reasons for Flims being my winter paradise is perched above the village. The Waldhaus Flims – Alpine Grand Hotel & Spa. It starts already when driving or walking up to the hotel. I feel like a prince approaching his castle, passing the big gate followed by a curvy driveway up to the impressive hotel entrance surrounded by snowed trees. This is how paradise should look like, shouldn’t it?

If I am a writer of fairy tales, I would describe the scenery exactly the way it looks up here above Flims. And not only speaking about the exterior. Because a beautiful outside is nothing if there is a worse inside. But no worries, I can assure that the fairytale is continuing when entering the building. It’s a mixture of history and modernity combined in a luxurious interior design.

Therefore the perfect location to do lots of shootings for my blog. Means, we didn’t spend much time in our spacious and luxurious hotel suite (220sqm) nor having the time to enjoy the breathtaking view from our private rooftop terrace. But anyways, the weather wasn’t on our side though. It was actually very cloudy and foggy and there was barely sun. No matter what’s the weather, there is so much to enjoy starting with a delicious breakfast, some hiking or running in the snowed landscape, a little typical Swiss afternoon snack or just spending a relaxing day in the spa. What can one wish for more? Well, a bit more time to enjoy all these amenities.

However, I don’t want to complain, because I am so thankful to call such locations my workplace and we still enjoyed our stay there and we will come back for sure. Because someone told me it’s beautiful in summer too. Was it a teller of fairytales or not? Doesn’t matter, I will believe it anyways.

Hotel: Waldhaus Flims – Alpine Grand Hotel & Spa

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