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…or how important it is to get enough protein on a daily basis if you want to build up muscles. Every athlete needs proteins and those in a good quality. It’s crucial to increase your lean muscle mass, to reduce your share of body fat and to maintain your muscle tissue. And on top of that it improves your metabolism. 

So, we can see that proteins are essential for our body. But how much protein do we need? In general, it can be said that highly active people need around 1.5 gram protein per kilogram bodyweight. Means for example for me, who weights around 85 kilogram, I need to have a protein intake of approx. 130 gram per day. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to intake the whole amount with protein shakes only. This is only a supplement in order to reach your daily goal and to have a faster intake right after the workout when the protein is needed the most to build up muscles. So, I would suggest the best time to take a whey protein shake is straight after the workout. Because in comparison to regular food it takes only 30 minutes until it reaches your muscles whereas the regular food needs much longer to digest. Another advantage of whey protein is, that they are usually low in fat or almost consists of no fat at all. 

Of course there are different kinds of proteins, however my favorite is the whey protein because it consists of all essential amino acids, which are needed to build up muscles. At the same time it is easily digestible. There are also many different plant based proteins, if you prefer. And you can mix your protein powder either with water, any kind of milk or juices, according to your taste and the flavor you choose. However, if you want to go with the healthiest and least fat option, take water only.

And my personal tip for the perfect post-workout-shake after an exhausting weight training session is to add a banana to your protein shake. The combination of quickly available carbs and high-quality protein are the best possible recovery of your muscular system and get maximum muscle growth. 

So all signs point to: All the Whey up!

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