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Functional bodywear: CALIDA

As you already know, I’m not only active when it comes to work and travel but also in sports and other lively activities. When there’s some leisure time on my side.

So when I’m doing all these things, I’m always happy when I just wear the right clothes for each situation. I’m sure you all know this situation especially during the change of the seasons. Sometimes you’re either feeling quite cold or just way too hot on your train ride because your body may not always regulate the temperature differences quickly and right. I know, functional wear usually does not sound too fashionable. We all know it from skiing and other sports. This is the point where Calida is taking it up. When you have a look at the pieces I’m wearing, they really look like just ordinary and cool shirts in different colors. You can easily combine them with anything you just want to wear in each situation. If you’re on the tennis court you can add your sports outfit, if you’re heading to the office you can wear it under your suit. I’m sure everyone finds the perfect usage for it.

But besides the stylish colors, wearing these pieces really feel like kind of a second skin. They try to balance the moisture and temperature of your body as well as the breathability. As the summer is still here, I’ve chosen to wear them just as they are combined with cool jeans. The materials of these articles have different fibers like wool and silk, polyamid or cotton. It just depends on what you like – natural or micro fiber.

Of course, there are also new products for the women out there. So I’m sure everyone can find his favorite piece in this new selection. I’m now up to test these articles during my days and see whether I’ve got less of the mentioned situations or not.

Functional bodywear: CALIDA Daily Function Men Daily Function Women

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