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What a perfect timing for this blog post today. After some sunny days, which reminded me more of spring than winter, the snow is back. At least we could see some snowflakes in parts of the cities down here. When it comes to fashion in winter, I guess it’s not that easy to dress formidable, warm enough and still comfortable. However, when I’ve chosen the outfit you’re seeing here on these photos, I tried to fulfill these three aspects.

The black piece is a hooded scarf. And as you might guess from the name and what you see, it’s a mix between a scarf and a hoodie. What I love about it is the fact, that you’re able to literally wrap yourself, in case there are temperatures around 0. Or if you just want to get out quickly in the morning without being noticed.

However, you can style it in a more eye-catching way in combining this piece with an all black look as well as going for jeans. Add some fancy shades – and I’m sure you’ll catch not only somebody’s eye.

In comparison, adding the red waistcoat gives kind of a sporty touch to round off the outfit. The colder it is, the more I’d suggest adding a piece like this. When it comes to the trend colors, black and red are always safe bets. However, if you feel more like choosing more exotic colors, it’ll be even more eye-catching.

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