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…ready to enter any club. And I am not only speaking about yacht clubs which are the original background of the stylish and classy GANT club blazer. Back in the 60’s, the members of a yacht club had their own blazer jacket which was reserved for them only and to have in a way a symbol of the membership. 

And nowadays? Is this stylish club blazer also just for people with access to the exclusive yacht member clubs? No, by far not anymore. This traditional and classy clothing piece should belong to every man’s wardrobe. You’re asking why? Simply because you can combine it in so many different ways and wear it to even more different occasions. 

If you decide to go to a summer party, a cocktail event, a summer wedding or a semi-formal event, just combine it the way I did in the pictures. Wear a light blue and white striped dress shirt underneath and combine it with beige chino pants and some sneakers. If you wanna go more casual, just exchange the dress shirt with a white or light blue t-shirt and replace the chinos with some cool pair of jeans. 

There are also option for the more formal occasions such as gala nights, weddings, red carpet events. Just wear the blazer in combination with the matching club pants and add a dark blue tie or bow-tie to go even more formal. And then you just have to replace the sneakers with some dark brown loafers. 

As you can see, with just one stylish and classy clothing piece you have so many options for your next styling. 

Outfit: GANT

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