Fashionable and rocky pineapple or the return…

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…of the hawaiian shirt? Well, let me tell you a true story of my childhood. When I was younger I always made fun of my dad wearing all these different kind of hawaiian shirts. I said to him, well you may wear this in Hawaii, but not here in Switzerland. 

Well, you need to know that by then I have never been to Hawaii nor somewhere beyond Europe. However, if you’re asking yourself what does he mean by the definition «hawaiian shirt» let me explain you briefly what it is all about. You could actually just look at the pictures and you have a pretty good impression of what I mean. 

A hawaiian shirt, and I don’t really know if my family members are the only one calling it that way, is a short-sleeved shirt with a colorful print. That might be all kind of tropical fruits or flowers. And why is it called hawaiian shirt? Because as far as I could have imagined, all these fruits and flowers could have been found on there. Make sense, doesn’t it?

Long story short: Nowadays, I really like these shirts a lot and combined the right way, it looks very stylish and perfect to wear on a sunny and summery location. Just make sure to combine the colorful shirt with plain and basic clothes such as blue jeans, chinos or shorts. Since the shirt is already very flamboyant. 

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