Got that fashion summer feeling…

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…even if it’s just on my balcony at home. Yes, in these times we need to be creative and try out new things, that’s for sure. We have to find a way to live with this virus. And I know, we will make it. 

And this most probably also means we have to find new ways on how to spend our summer vacation. The chances are high that we can’t travel to the south or to an exotic country to enjoy the beach. Well, that’s the time to find nice spots in your own country or even at home. Try to pimp up your balcony or terrace to a cozy summer hot spot where you can enjoy the hopefully beautiful summer weather. 

Moreover, think about your summer fashion, too. Regardless if it’s to spend a lovely summer night somewhere at the lake or even just on your balcony for a BBQ session. With the right outfit you will get into the right mood – the summer mood. And you are going to be ready for any occasion coming up. Because the way you dress has a lot to do with how you are feeling, don’t you agree? At least for me. If I wear clothes which I am feeling comfortable in and of which I think they’re matching the occasion, I am feeling automatically more confident and secure. And that in turn makes my charisma more shiny.

Therefore, let me inspire you with a cool and fashionable look to get into that summer feeling. I’ve chosen some basic colors like beige, white and dark grey which are simple but in combination with each other and with the different materials, they make me feel like being on a summer vacation when wearing it. No matter if it’s just on my balcony. And of course what shouldn’t be missed are some fancy sunglasses like these ones in a matching brown color. Probably my favorite piece is the classy sweater which is perfect the longer the evening lasts to keep yourself warm. And if you’re carefully following my posts on Instagram or on the blog, you might have noticed that I am somehow in love with stripes, lately.

In any case, I can’t wait until the days get even warmer and the weather even sunnier and the fashion even summery. What about you?

Outfit: Zalando

Take care, stay safe & write you soon…



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