Fashion meets Christmas markets…

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It's all about shopping during these days. Sales everywhere, the shops are opened even on Sunday, and well long waiting times at the check-out and even longer times to get to the changing rooms. So, if you know your size, think about it if you really want to spend hours in a shop or just choose the risky option and buy it.

Apart from the usual shops there exist also many Christmas markets in each city. And I really love this kind of feeling, which you get there while strolling through the streets and markets. Fresh air, Christmas songs on repeat, a mix of smells of roasted almonds, hot wine punch and cookies. Some markets integrate even an ice field, which is always a highlight for young and old.

This year, I was wondering how the last minutes before the opening of the big Christmas market in Zurich would be. Spending some time there, I just came across a stylish and still lovely location, which matched perfectly with my outfit choice of the day: A square coat in black, red and dark blue, a basic jeans shirt, dark blue trousers and shoes with red/black shoelaces, which fit to the coat and the location.

Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

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