The fashion editorial style might not…

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…always be your favorite style but still you have to wear it with pride. It belongs to a job as a model to wear the clothes or to present the products with confidence, even though sometimes it isn’t something you would have chosen. Your opinion about that doesn’t count at that moment while shooting because you are booked as a model to do the job and therefore to do what the client, creative director or photographer want. 

And I am often surprised about how models act at photo shoots, complaining about their outfits, styles or hair and make-up. It’s just so unprofessional. The clients booked you and probably made some thoughts about how to set up the shoot and everything and therefore they exactly know what they want. And this is something you have to learn as a model. Of course you are somehow the center of attention while shooting but in the end it’s a whole team behind and one is the boss and decides what to do. And that’s most probably the one paying, therefore the client. 

And I love the job as a model because you can try out things you might wouldn’t. You get in touch with new fashion, different styles and you can create some kind of artpieces together. Like we did in Milan for this editorial style photo shoot. I loved to try out these new styles chosen by the stylist and also have some variation in my hair matching the different outfits. And it might be not appealing to everyone of us, but taste is different and this is how it should be. 

Therefore, I also wanted to show you this side and outfits apart from the style you might know from me. How do you like it?

Photographer: @diana_kottmann
Stylist: @allegraghilonifashionstylist
Hair & Make-up: @biancabagnolimua

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