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Outfit: Tigha

As the old saying goes: Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadow. Why? Well, that’s easy, isn’t it? If you face the sun, the shadow lies behind you and not next or even in front of you. And I totally agree with that. But it’s normal to see the shadow from time to time. And it’s not a bad thing at all. I think we sometimes even need to see the shadow to grow. And otherwise we take all the good things we’ve got and receive for granted.

If you know how to handle it and focus on the sunny side again, there’s no problem about that. Everyone has its personal demons in the form of fears or sadness or other things. And we’re facing them on a regular basis. I don’t see that as the problem itself. I see these aspects as the simple shadow if we forget or simply cannot keep our face to the sun in some moments. But I think they are only lessons, just like they should be. Otherwise life would be too easy and boring.

The problem lies not in the shadow but in the behavior during and after these times. Do we have the strength and courage to stand up again after a fall? Do we want it at all? To stay in the shadow may be easier and more comfortable sometimes as we just do not need to change anything. So there’s no effort needed at all. But in the long run, it will be a harmful thing. This is why it is no one else’s but your own choice to decide whether if we want to live on the sunny side of life or in the shadow. Unfortunately, the opportunity to decide about that has not been given to everyone. But to all of you, who have this priceless opportunity: decide to stand on the sunny side no matter what may come and support others who haven’t got the choice at all. It’ll help both of you at the same time.

Outfit: Tigha

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