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Sunglasses: Dior Homme by Visilab

I’ve always had it. Not only when it comes to fashion. This characteristic is seen in every aspect throughout my life. Fashion is only one aspect in my life, and to be honest a rather small one. Moreover it’s strongly related to the interpersonal topics and it makes everything so much more interesting. For me, it’s about the details, which make something “whole”, as the whole thing itself is not always that exciting at all.

In general, I notice quite a lot what’s going on around me. There are only two reasons, when I don’t notice that much: I’m either sleeping or I’m just too busy, need to highly focus and therefore I ignore the environment for a moment. Kind of. I guess the part of “noticing” just comes naturally. You can call it strong social skills or empathy or emotional intelligence – it doesn’t really matter what it is per definition. In my opinion, it’s naturally given, even if you could “learn” it to a certain amount. The basic and real “skills” are here or not and can be even improved.

And well, when it comes to fashion, the eye for the detail is important as well. Let’s have a look at the sunglasses I’m wearing here. Sure, you can say that these are like three similar glasses. But I only see two things they’re having in common: they’re in a dark color and you can match them with every outfit you want. Beyond that, aspects like the material, the exact shape of it, the glasses itself with reflection or not, the feeling when wearing them – there are many smaller and bigger differences.

Talking about these three cool new styles in the pictures, which are just a perfect match to every summer outfit, you can see different versions in the detail. One is just a very classy one in black with a rather square optic which also fits perfectly with a suit. The other two’s are in a rounded version of which one is in a trendy reflecting look with shiny dark blue glasses whether the other one, basically my favorite one out of this selection, is in a cool silver grey retro-look.

In the end, as I said, it’s all about the details. Take a closer look!

Sunglasses: Visilab

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