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…than just a stylish accessory! Indeed we should care more about our shoes and finding the right ones and not just treat it as an accessory which should match the whole outfit. Don’t you think?

Because our feet deserve the best treatment. It’s the body part that carries the most weight around, all our bodyweight all day long. So it speaks for itself that it is important to take care of good shoes or even good soles to walk comfortably throughout the day. And every feet are different, even sometimes your own feet don’t are exactly the same. So they can’t just be pushed into standardized produced shoes. Well, they can but it’s not that comfortable at all if you have to be in there all day long. And it probably won’t pay off when you get older and facing more and more problems with your feet. 

But there is a solution and I had the chance to have a 1:1 appointment at the ECCO Shoes store in Zurich to get made my custom 3D-printed silicone midsole. The technology is called Quant-U and it produces your personalized midsoles within 2 hours directly in the store. How cool is that? 

First you will get a foot analysis where you will see the features of your feet. How big they are and the different weight distribution when just standing on it. And it’s so interesting to see how different they are. I was surprised by the fact that my left foot is actually almost one size bigger than my right one. And Dimi from ECCO Shoes explained me that it is often the case by many people. 

Secondly, I could make a step analysis. Where I had to walk in shoes with a sensor on a special treadmill and it recorded everything of how my feet reacts when walking. How much I tip to one side or the other. If I balance it right and much more. All these information are important to then produce my custom-made 3D-printed midsole made out of silicone. And watching the 3D-printer doing its job was pretty amazing too. 

But seeing all these information and facts about my feet made me even more realizing how important it is to take care of good shoes or at least good soles to put into your shoes. To make walking more comfortably. So I think you need to check that Quant- U offer by ECCO Shoes as well and do something good for your feet and for yourself, of course. 

I can tell you, when I got back my new shoes with the custom-made 3D printed midsoles and tried them on, I felt such a difference immediately. It’s a total different walking – so comfortable, almost like walking on clouds. Although I don’t know the feeling how it is to walk on clouds, but this is how I would imagine it.

And for all the people who think comfortable and ergonomic shoes are not stylish. Check my pictures and you will see they’re pretty cool. I am especially in love with this blue grey color. So make your own appointment at ECCO Shoes to experience the Quant-U technology, because I think it’s worth to get the best for your feet.

Shoes & Soles: ECCO Shoes

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