Easy like Sunday morning...

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I’m sure you all know this song by The Commodores and written by their former lead singer Lionel Richie back in 1977 – and still a song, which is heard everywhere. A lovely evergreen I’d say.

And it just reminded me of the photos we did here. Not because it’s about breaking up with someone as he’s singing about but rather the mood/vibe and title of the song, which is matching to the photo shoot and the location. Getting up quite early on a Sunday morning, taking some shots in a comfy hotel room and enjoying a cup of coffee. So, it doesn’t only sound easy like a Sunday morning, it even was an easy Sunday morning, actually.

Speaking of hotels, I love being part of photo shoots in hotels, anyway – or when it’s about vacation. Usually, I’m just there for a rather short night before another job in the morning. Due to a tight schedule I don’t have always time to check out the hotel and its details and even taking some photos in a lovely room. So that’s why I always enjoy spending some time in a hotel and see all the different styles, the individual settings, the little details and the lighting mood, which differs in every case. Hotel tester would be a nice job as well – but I will stick with my favorite job model & blogger and I’m happy to focus more on the travel blogger part as well.

Therefore, I wish you all an easy Sunday morning tomorrow!

Location: 25hours Hotel Zürich Langstrasse

Take care & write you soon…



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