Easter time is...

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…brunch time. And of course time to spend some precious moments with your beloved family and friends. And the best thing is to combine both. Therefore, a delicious and rich Easter brunch with your family on Sunday is the best, don’t you think?

If you know me, you know that I love breakfast. I don’t understand the people who don’t eat breakfast or say they don’t have the time to do so. It’s all about priorities. Personally, I’ll take the time. I even set my alarm clock earlier to have time to get up and to prepare my smoothie bowl or scrambled egg or some protein bread with turkey. I just need this time in the morning to have a good start into the day. No matter how early it is.

And the good thing about Easter Sunday is, that you don’t have to get up that early to prepare the breakfast. You just set the brunch time to 11 am and you easily have the time with no rush to prepare everything before the guests arrive. And according to my opinion the following ingredients belong to a perfect homemade brunch:

  1. Smoothie-bowl: That’s my all-time favorite breakfast option. It consists of frozen berries, banana, açaì, chia seeds, protein powder, cashew nuts and granola and berries to decorate it. It’s just so refreshing and healthy.
  2. Scrambled egg: Here I like to add some ingredients to the eggs to pimp it up. First, I roast gently the mushrooms, tomato and ham before I am adding the eggs and all get scrambled. Add some salt and pepper and parsley on top before serving.
  3. Croissants & bread: I just love bread and croissants and it has to be very crunchy and whole-grain. I know it’s not that healthy but it’s Easter so you should treat yourself good. And the best is bread with butter, jelly or peanut butter and cheese on top. I know, some call me a weirdo but I just love this combination.
  4. Easter sweets & chocolate: And of course, sweets and chocolate shouldn’t be missed on Easter as well. You know I am a chocolate lover and I could eat one of this chocolate bunnies in one day. Why am I saying I could? I do eat it in one day. However, I also love this little Easter cakes with raisins. Just yummy!
  5. Coffee & orange juice: And as much as I love chocolate I do love coffee. And there’s nothing better than a hot cappuccino to enjoy the breakfast and some freshly made orange juice.

So, I hope you could get some inspirations for your next breakfast or brunch and let me know whenever you have a good recipe I don’t know. And now, enjoy the Easter time with your family and friends and eat a lot and with no regrets.

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