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When I am traveling, I am most of the time alone because most of my travels are work-related. And if it’s the contrary for once, I do enjoy it even more. I mean, I don’t have a problem with traveling alone, having dinner in a restaurant alone or seeing sights alone.

I even think, that sometimes you’ll get more out of the journey because you’re not focused on another person and more open to meet new people and cultures. Therefore, I’ll experience the country or city I am visiting much more when being alone. But only if I have the time to do so beside my job, of course.

However, this time when I traveled to Dublin, the capital and cultural center of Ireland, I wasn’t alone nor short in time. So, I could enjoy it to the fullest since for once, there was no shooting to do or casting to attend. Well, a bit of office work, answering e-mails and planning of the upcoming projects was still needed. But everyone who’s self-employed knows this situation. You don’t have really free-time or vacation where you can be completely offline.

Still, I enjoyed my 2nd time in the city of whiskey and Guinness beer and that’s what I also take away as a souvenir. Nevertheless, it’s winter, it’s always a good idea to catch some sunrays and drink a whiskey on the terrace. But I need to admit, I don’t really like whiskey, but as I experienced in a whiskey distillery, the smoothest whiskey is coming from Dublin and blended in a drink like whiskey sour it is so delicious.

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