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se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht experienced last week when I spontaneously decided to take some days off and to escape the cold in Switzerland and travel to a hot and sunny city – Dubai. The giant and fast-growing city in the United Arabic Emirates, the city of superlatives, where “the bigger the better” is the only thing what counts. Anyways, my decision was not based on this fact, and I wasn’t eager to do some sightseeing or explore the city, since it was not my first time there. I’ve visited this city already three times and I also have a model agency there. But working wasn’t the purpose of this travel, either.

All I wanted was just a quick getaway to relax and especially to enjoy some sun and recharge my batteries, all alone, just me, myself and I. And due to my job, it’s the best for me to book some spontaneous vacation when I see there is not much going on and well, the cold weather forced me to do so too. And Dubai is the perfect place for a quick and luxurious timeout in the sun within short travel distance.

And then this feeling when arriving at night in Dubai leaving the airport with just wearing a t-shirt – priceless. I came into real summer mood. And yes, Dubai is of course a city which is worth seeing but to me it’s not a favorite city to spend like my summer vacation or a longer period there. I have many friends who are traveling every summer for their beach holidays to Dubai. That’s something I cannot understand. I mean Dubai offers many interesting things to do, has due to its incredible construction speed many sights to see and is home of many amazingly beautiful luxury hotels with a top service.

But the city has no charm at all and it’s very synthetic. It’s not pedestrian friendly since it’s just too hot to walk outside during summer and due to the many rules I don’t feel free when being in the city. And apart from Jumeirah Beach Walk, where my hotel was located, there is not really a place to stroll around and explore the city. It’s all about taking the metro or taxis.

But still, it’s a city you must have seen once in your life. And of course there is way more things to explore such as the desert, the shopping malls, the world’s tallest buildings, the traditional markets, beautiful beaches and many more.

Location: La Mer Dubai
Photographers: Lorami Photography & Sayed Ibrahim Ibrahim

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