Dress me in white...

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...and bring me to a pool during these hot summer days with a healthy smoothie in my hand to cool down. The combination of that leads me to a holiday feeling even though I’m not on vacation – yet. However, in a lovely summer as we’re just experiencing (and it’s going to be quite normal in the last years due to the climate change they say) you do not even have to spend money for a long getaway. In my case, I’m traveling a lot during the year and I always plan a summer vacation in August to give me a well-deserved timeout.

Sure, I’m happy to give you updates from there but that week is the time for the energy boost and reload. I almost never lack of motivation, which is very positive. But on the other side, it can be quite exhausting even if I am able to do the job I really love.

Dressing in white therefore always reminds me of the place I’m traveling to soon: Mykonos. The island, which is known for the white houses, flat roofs and colorful doors/windows. Feeling the atmosphere there while the sun is setting and just enjoying the lovely ambience on the island gives me the energy I need.

However, Mykonos won’t be the last destination this year and I’m happy about giving you some updates asap. And sure, as I’m taking a camera with me I’m going to show you any destination I am heading to, so you will not miss a thing. It’ll just be a little less than usual. And that’s definitely a healthy side effect.

Take care & write you soon...



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