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Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

Usually, that is not a big deal really. Chic, casual or a mix in between. But there’s one exception. Hot summer days and nights, in which the temperature doesn’t even decrease to get some fresh air in your home. I hope you don’t live in the rooftop apartment of your house, that’s a huge challenge I’d say.

So when it comes to the numerous events, which are running during these months, it’s quite tricky to choose the right outfit. Sure, when it’s about a barbecue with your friends, you don’t have to think too much about whether to wear a tank top (or even being shirtless when it’s a pool party), shorts and no shoes at all. But when it’s more kind of a business event, well, I guess you just need to have some pieces you can combine whenever you need it.

In this one, I’ve decided to wear a dress shirt and blue shorts. Sure, when it’s around 30 degrees celsius even in the evening, I’d think about exchanging the dress shirt with a classy polo- or t-shirt. To this kind of outfit, you can wear my favorite kind of shoes, the sneakers, and you still look like a business guy somehow.

But in the end, it’s always the same: Wear that outfit, in which you’re feeling comfortable. The moment you’re just wearing a dress shirt because you think you have to, it won’t help you at all.

Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

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