Dress up casually...

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… just because it’s Friday and on Fridays we are cozy and casual. However not less stylish or trendy. It’s the day when it doesn’t have to be that classy at the office and jeans and shirt are pretty fine too.  We love it, don’t we? Well maybe also because it means weekend is here. 

And the winter seems to be back here in town too and with it we’re seeing some cyclones. This year, all the cyclones got female names and the high-pressure areas male ones. So everyone and the media are talking about Burglind, Friederike or Evi. By the way: If you would like to hear and read your name, you can buy a weather sponsorship. No joke!

And sure, everyone is grumbling about it – don’t forget, it’s January and not July! I feel bad for the people who are victims of these tragic accidents. But if you’re on the lucky side and able to sit in front of a fireplace and watch the snowstorm passing by – there’s no reason not to be happy but enjoying this cozy moment instead.

Dress accordingly to the weather as I did on this rainy day with the rain jacket, the boot, a warm jumper and you’ll be fine. Taking pictures while we were kinda flying away felt not that comfortable as soaking up the sun during the photoshoot but you’re gonna laugh way more because the wind is making the whole task so much more difficult.

Take care & write you soon…



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