Do you dare to wear sports wear…

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…on the streets? Me? Yes, of course! Because, I love to try out different things, to mix styles and outfits and go beyond borders. Don’t be too narrow minded, don’t be too afraid of others opinion. Do what you love, what makes you happy and no one else. It’s your style and show your personality with what you are wearing. 

So, if you are in the mood for a casual and cozy sports outfit, go for it. Wear it on the streets, make it fashionable and combine it with some basic stuff. And I am not talking about the oldest and the most rotten sports jogging pants or the hoodie with the most holes in it. I am talking about stylish and well-fitted sports wear. 

Take plain and rather tight jogging pants, combine it with some clean white sneakers, a white casual t-shirt and not a sports t-shirt. And then, the highlight of your fashionable streetstyle outfit: the Varsity jacket by GANT. The classic jacket of the college sports in the early 00’s but never out of fashion, or let’s say getting in fashion now again. I just love the sporty but still stylish look this clothing piece lends. 

And you can also combine it with some basic jeans or chino pants, if you want to go more casual and classy than sporty. 

Outfit: GANT

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se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht


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