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...yourself. For your own body, mind and soul. Not only today but rather a few times a week. Sure, we all have different stories, different characteristics, and different goals in life. Some of us are more on the track of selflessness, some rather on the opposite. And well, there’s no clear right or wrong, we all can decide the way we’d like to live.

According to my own opinion and the opinion of my family and closest friends, I’d say I’m not the selfish kind of guy. I rather put other people and important things on my to-do list first. That’s why I need to plan some strict time-outs from time to time, so called “me-time”. To set myself first and take care of my well-being. As I did yesterday: One day in the mountains is just great. I can recommend it to everyone. But as you probably know me. I couldn’t resist to shoot some picture in this beautiful surrounding. More to come soon here on my blog and Instagram.

However, during this week it’s all about relaxation. Some different forms and how I get my energy back, which I lose along the long days and short nights. The best and easiest thing to relax for me: Get enough sleep, minimum 8 hours, better 10 or 12. I am a lover of sleep, but due to my schedule I often don’t get enough of it. And then the morning after a fresh and hot coffee to start the day right and with energy. 

Location: B2 Boutique Hotel, Zurich

Take care & write you soon…



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