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…to have the best possible start into the new week. Yes, we all do have problems with Mondays from time to time and yes I already talked about it what to do for not having any problem with Mondays at all. And I don’t want to repeat myself again and again here.

I’d rather write you some inspirational words for the coming week, no matter if you have a problem with Monday or not at all. The most important thing is, and I truly mean it, to let the feelings flow, no matter what it is. I mean, positive feelings towards something is most probably easy to show, or let’s say easier. However, sometimes we hide the negative feelings or we think that they don’t have the right to be there. But that’s not the point. Whenever you have negative feelings or you’re in a bad mood, that’s totally ok. So if you don’t like this specific Monday or the upcoming week brings a lot of insecurities or challenges, please allow to express these worries but don’t ever allow that it takes over your overall mood and mindset.

Life in general is a big challenge with many different small challenges but also opportunities every week or even every day. So take it on, be worried from time to time, but most importantly, see it as a chance to grow and become a better you.

Therefore, if this Monday right today, brings you in trouble, you’re not feeling well, you don’t have the energy for the workload ahead or some difficult meetings or decisions to make, the only thing you do is to accept it. Be worried or sad for a short amount of time, but take it on and while doing so, grow and gain experiences.

And never forget, when having a bad mood or some difficult events coming up, always dress-up in your most comfortable style. Not meaning the style which is the coziest but the style you’re feeling great with and lets you shine.

Take care & write you soon...



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