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…a fun time in the snow. Well, snow is not considered as a matter of course this winter, not even in the Swiss mountains and in places like Davos, which is 1'600 meters above sea level. The winter is way too warm, not only down in the city but also high up in the mountains. And the winter destinations are struggling because of that. Less snow, less tourists and less income in the end. Global warming sends ist regards and this is kind of scary. I am almost walking around in Zurich like in spring, with a t-shirt and a light jacket only. Really? 

I mean if you know me, you also know that I love the warm weather, but not in January in Switzerland, when it’s supposed to be freezing cold. Anyways the global warming is another topic and way too big to include in this blog post here. But very important indeed. I might write an article with my thoughts about it another time. 

But now back to Davos, the city in the Swiss mountains, where there lies snow, fortunately. Not much, but there is. And there is enough to do winter sports and to enjoy a real winter paradise. And also enough to satisfy all the tourists, the locals, the hotels, restaurants, shops and so on.

If you followed me closely on Instagram you might have noticed that I spent the last two weekends in this beautiful place where I was invited by the wonderful «Waldhotel Davos» up on the so called «Magic Mountain» overlooking Davos. The hill is called «Magic Mountain» due to the famous novel of the same name of Thomas Mann, a great german writer. Because he stayed there and got inspired to write that novel. 

And the hotel was magic indeed, not even to mention the stunning view from the balcony where Davos lies at your feet. The service and the staff of the hotel was so friendly and welcoming and you felt like home right from the start. 

And the hotel was perfectly located to explore the city, a stone’s throw away from the main spots, restaurants and clubs. The ski lifts are easy to reach by foot or with a short car drive. 

So I spent two cool weekends with some good food, relaxing spa, winter sports like cross-country skiing or sledging, some winter hikes and just being up on the mountain to enjoy the sun and the atmosphere. 

And once again I had to say, that I just love Davos. It has so many different opportunities and things to explore and you never get bored, for sure.

Take care & write you soon…



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