Crazy fashionable weekend feeling…

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…with the most flamboyant outfit you can wear. This could describe kind of the mood I had when shooting these pictures. Well, it is crazy somehow, but I could go crazier of course. But you should never loose the focus and always stay stylish. 

My intention with theses pictures was to create an outfit and photos which could be featured as a fashion editorial in a glossy magazine. So I tried to choose an outfit which is not basic and a bit outstanding. I tried to combine different styles but always in a stylish way. I mean you can go bold and crazy with just combining what you what. That’s not difficult. But to go crazy and doing it in style, that’s the challenge.

The purpose of the outfit was to combine an elegant and casual style. So from the bottom to top it looks like this. I’ve chosen some shiny elegant shoes with yellow socks which are matching to the fancy dress shirt. I went for one with a crazy and flamboyant pattern and combined it with a simple black blazer and a black tie to give it a classy touch which is matching with the shoes chosen. Then to go a bit crazier I didn’t choose formal pants but went for black ripped jeans instead. To finish up the whole look I added my glasses to give it a nerdy overall look. 

So in the end, and if you consider each piece by itself it might be a bit crazy but overall it’s a stylish and cool look, don’t you think? Would you dare to walk through the streets like this?

Location: The Dolder Grand, Zurich

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