A cozy outfit on a free day...

Loungewear: CALIDA

I’m not having that many free days the past few weeks. I even forget to sleep the regular hours just because I’m active and productive in the evenings, even after a tough and long day on set or traveling. So when I’ve got a free day or some hours I just need to reload my energy. Sleeping a bit longer in the morning, going for a walk at the lake, doing some sports (not in the usual rush), watching some of my favorit TV soaps, cooking or just reading and listening to some relaxing music. Quite normal acitivies as many of you do, I guess.

I think it is always important to find the right balance between work and life. I wouldn’t go for a fixed plan, which they mention in terms of the theory of work-life-balance but just listen to your body. It always tells you when some sort of breaks are needed - the only challenge is to listen to it and not to ignore because we think we have so much energy to do everything at the same time.

So when I’ve got some free time, I love to wear cozy outfits all day long. Fashionable outfits like suits are great, but nothing goes beyond outfits, that make you feel comfortable the whole day. It doesn’t have to be a real and obvious sports outfit as there are quite fashionable mixes called loungewear. Waking up on a cold and foggy morning (without an alarm clock), having a coffee, returning to my bed or to the couch and hanging around just brings me down after a tough week. And gives me the required power for the next week.

Loungewear: CALIDA

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