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“The good old times”. It’s an often heard phrase to look back on good times passed. It also often comes with a nostalgic feeling and the expression that everything was better back then. But is it true that life used to be better in the past?!

While shooting the pictures of this blogpost using this college jacket as the styling it-piece I came somehow in the “good old times” – mood. I got remembered to all the high-school musicals and US college movies where everyone wore a hooded jacket like this. I sat back and said to the photographer: “Yeah, the good old times”. However in the same moment I thought that I would never turn back the time and start over again. In my opinion every episode of your life has its own positive and of course also negative aspects. And that’s what makes life so beautiful. I am not a person who sees the positive things back then and only negative ones in the present or future.

My credo is to live your life right now, whether in the past nor in the future. Because you can’t change the past anyways. And try to foresee the future - it’s just not possible. The only thing you can do is to live every single moment at its best and by doing so you’re going to influence the direction of your future somehow.

Therefore, you may dream about the past, as I did for a short moment during this photo shoot, but don’t forget to look forward and chase your dreams.

Take care & write you soon…



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