Coffee does not ask...

Coffee: Jacobs Kaffee

…where you’ve been last night. Coffee understands. Well, we can see this saying as a funny quote, but we all know, that coffee is doing us something good each day – unless we drink more liters of coffee than water, then it can get quite difficult.

I’m definitely a coffee lover. Coffee is a pleasant product for me and not something I need to survive. The coffee each morning is just a comfortable way to start the day and really important during stressful times. On a cozy evening after dinner or directly as a morning snack on a Sunday morning, which I love to spend in bed, coffee just makes it even better. Depending on different situations I like to change the taste and intensity of the coffee. From black espresso to a “normal” coffee or to even milk coffee or a cappuccino.

Before a photo shoot in the early morning (after getting not enough sleep due to administrative work) I’m happy to enjoy an espresso. I’m now testing the capsules (first time in aluminum, which protects the flavors and offers a more intense taste) from Jacob Kaffee and I’m absolutely happy with it. Five different sorts and intensities give you the variety you like for different situations in your daily life. Starting with Lungo Classico (Int. 6), to Espresso Classico (Int. 8) up to the Ristretto (Int. 12) for after the short nights. The printed color codes and captions enable you to orientate quickly.

The empty capsules can be stored in a carton box or a plastic bag. Put a glue strip or a string and write the codeword “Jacobs” and you can just deliver the empty capsules at the Swiss “Päckli-Punkt” receiving offices from k kiosk, avec and Press&Books for free. More information about the recycling and the different capsules can be found on

The best thing is, that you’re getting the capsules for a cheaper price as the well-known ones from Nespresso. But can use the capsules with their machines and well – the taste is awesome. And I’m really picky when it comes to coffee.

Cheers to the coffee and many delightful moments!

Coffee: Jacobs

Take care & write you soon…



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