A coat, that just fits...

Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

It’s getting too cold now for my leather jacket, unfortunately. Even if the sun is shining for some hours and still gives some warmth, a leather jacket is not enough anymore. However, I still see people running around in t-shirts at this temperature, so maybe they will even wear the leather jacket in winter. For photoshoots its absolutely fine, but for spending some time outside, definitely not.

With the fall/winter season comes the time for new jackets or even better classy coats. And with it the never out-of-fashion piece: the camel coat. It’s a piece that works for just any occasion you can think of. Walking to the next shop? Camel coat. Weekend trip? Camel coat. And the good thing is, that it suits better for the colder days than the little brother – the trendy trench coat.

And what I like about the coat is, that you don’t have to combine it with too many fancy stuff – the opposite is even better. Combining the coat with basics gives an even more classy look. To create an exciting change in style you can just add my favorite accessory: white sneakers. In my opinion, it just adds the right touch you’re looking for, if you don’t want to look too classy but still well-dressed. On the other hand, you can also wear a classic suit beneath. It always just depends on what occasion the outfit under the coat is supposed to be. The coat alone fits always.

One thing to be careful about is the right cut and size. It should always fit your body measurements. Finally, add a smile to your face, and I’m sure you’ll attract many people just because of that. The coat may be only the supporter of your charisma.

Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

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