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…is impossible! I hear that so often and from almost everyone. And to be honest, in the past I said the same. Of course, it’s easier to stick to your diet when you’re at home and in your common environment. You have all your supplements and your food at home or you know where to get healthy food.

When traveling, it is always difficult. On one hand because it’s already something new, you probably don’t know the city and its hot spots and good places to eat or to do grocery shopping. Moreover, you most probably don’t have a kitchen to prepare your own food. And taking all your supplements and healthy ingredients in your luggage is way too circumstantial and on top of it, it’s too heavy and takes all the space.

Ok, since we’re all facing the same problem, or at least the ones paying attention to their nutrition and try to eat healthy, what’s the solution for it? Here comes what I am trying to do. As already mentioned, I am not a big fan to take everything with me, of course there are some crazy ones doing that, but I’d rather focus on the important things. Always with me in my luggage is an amount of whey protein to have at least one shake after the workout or anytime when I am hungry. You can easily take the powder in a shaker with you. Moreover, I try to take some little snacks with me, like protein bars, coconut chips or protein balls.

Especially the coconut chips and protein balls from foodspring I love the most. It’s easy to carry on, even in your hand luggage and in small portions and they’re so tasteful. It’s the perfect protein snack whenever you’re hungry on your travels. And while doing so, I can assure that I still take the amount of protein needed even when I am not able to cook my regular meals.

Whereas for the main meals, I don’t take anything with me nor I do meal preparation. I just try to eat as healthy as possible wherever I am. Means for example scrambled eggs instead of chocolate croissants for breakfast or chicken and rice instead of pasta for lunch. Sometimes, I even don’t care and enjoy a delicious pizza or ice cream. I mean, as long as you have a balanced nutrition you can almost do everything, depending on what your goals are, of course. But most importantly, do whatever makes you happy.

And to make you happy, I have a discount of 15% with using my code “stevFSG" on all foodspring products.

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