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It’s that time of the year again – Christmas time. The time which is meant to be relaxing, quiet and smooth. But before we can enjoy some stress-free days with our beloved ones there is more stress than throughout the whole year, I guess.

The Christmas time is very busy in different aspects. Of course, in our jobs everything needs to be done before the year ends. Meaning such as paying bills, sending invoices, doing taxes, finishing orders or like in my case also handling many requests for special Christmas projects. But as if it’s not enough, the real stress and pressure is the one we put on ourselves with finding the right Christmas presents.

So, the shopping marathon is officially started and in Zurich we already had two Sunday sales to welcome to Christmas time. Personally, I love to give presents, more than I like to get. But only if I know the right and suitable present for a person. There is nothing more annoying than looking for presents and you don’t have any clue what to give them. Then it sets me under real pressure as I am always a late Christmas shopper.

As a conclusion, I always say to myself: Next year I am going to start earlier with the Christmas shopping and see - I already do have one or two presents. And to support you with getting all the Christmas presents, I will give away some cool presents every Sunday until Christmas on my Instagram story. Stay tuned and check it out!

Happy Christmas time!

Take care & write you soon…



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se signature style - The Blog by Steven Epprecht


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