Christmas market fashion – can a leather jacket…

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…be worn in winter? Yes of course, especially if it’s a stylish one. No but to be serious. I just love leather jackets and according to my opinion minimum one belongs to every man’s wardrobe. I know, I probably repeat myself, but it’s the way it is.

So I don’t want to miss that clothing piece in winter event though it’s probably a bit too cold for leather jackets. Not at all, it’s just all about how to style and combine it. In the pre-winter season like these days, where it’s already cold but not freezing cold, you are pretty fine with wearing a big and warm sweater and a cool leather jacket on top. If you rather feel cold quite fast you better wear a big scarf as well. And feel free to add a stylish beanie and some gloves.

And when speaking about the leather jacket, you probably know what I prefer: I always try to find some cool ones with different patterns, materials and structures. Like the brand new leather jacket I got from BODA SKINS, one of my favorite leather jackets brand. It has a rough optic on the outside with the different structures and is lined with some wool in the inside to keep you warm and cozy. I’d say perfect for the current weather conditions. 

One important thing when talking about Christmas market fashion, is, to wear the right shoes. You better make sure to wear warm and cozy ones, because I think that’s the part you are freezing the first. And as long as you stay warm on your feet, all is good. And to warm the upper part of the body and especially the hands, just take a hot mulled wine and you are all fine.

Leather jacket: BODA SKINS

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